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mother of pearl mosaic tiles frosted crystal glass tile backsplash cheap US129 stainless steel kitchen back splash wall tiles

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Length: 11 to 12 Inches Width: 11 to 12 Inches Thickness: 5/16 Inch Color Family: Gray, White Shape: Rectangle Material: Glass, Shell, Stainless Steel Usage: Backsplash & Wall Mosaic Pattern: Subway Design: Metal Look Features: Stain-Resistant

This mosaic is mesh mounted on high quality fiber glass, easy installation of any mosaic tile projects.

The mosaic tile has a zero water absorption rate, and this tile exceeds ANSI standards for water absorption for mosaic tile.

It is strong, durable, contamination free, and only the best quality tiles are used as our tiles are inspected for blemishes before shipment.

Each sheet of this tile is approximately 1 square feet (12 * 12 inch), 11 sheets for 1 square meter. put customers' satisfaction as top priority and will take good care of any mistakes on our end that lead to return or exchange.

Due to the color variation among different screens of computers/ tablets/ cell phones, we do encourage you to place a sample order with us before you place a full size order. We are committing to match the sample with our full size order shipment.

Please take some time to read our return policy carefully before you place a full size order:

Situation 1: Defective Product Received

In the unlikely case that your product is defective, please Contact Us as soon as possible and retain the defective item or items.

We will determine if the products are defective by consulting with our product manager, manufacturer or industry expert. If it is defective, we will give you full refund or exchange the new products for you immediately. Our customer service team will work closely with you and we try our best to streamline the process to avoid any more hassles on you.

Please keep in mind that If there is any defect, please Contact Us prior to installation, installation of the products will be regarded as acceptance of products and void a defective claim for return.

Situation 2: Wrong Products Shipped/ Product Arrives that is not what was ordered

If something is wrong with an order, our customer support team will always be there to help you.

If you believe that you have received something not in your order, please email on the first available business day. may request digital photos of the product received to validate product details, sizes, colors, patterns, etc. If it is determined that the product you have received is correct in terms of color, size, pattern, quality, etc. according to your order, will not be able to refund or exchange your product.

If the product/ products you have received do not match those that you have ordered, will exchange your products with the correct items you want to order or refund your money – it is your choice. The decision to replace or refund will be conveyed in the conversation with the customer. The goal is to achieve a resolution acceptable for both parties.

Please do not schedule installation of your products until after the product has been received and examined.

After a thorough review and approves a return, the decision to replace or refund will be made in the conversation with the customer. The goal is to achieve a resolution acceptable for both parties.

Situation 3: Product Damaged/ Missing in Shipping

A. Visible damage or missing quantity when the product arrives

If there is visible damage to the packaging or there are missing pieces upon arrival, ask the driver to write a note on the waybill stating the damage and or missing product and ask him/her to sign for the notes before you sign the waybill. After signing the waybill, please Contact Us on the first available business day.

Our products are carefully packaged to avoid damage in shipping. Damage to products will virtually always be visible on the exterior of the pallet, crate, or lift.

If products are damaged inside of the packaging, please halt installation and Contact Us immediately on the first available business day. may request digital photos of the damage to determine the extent and severity of the problem.

If products have been damaged in shipping or are missing, will replace the products or refund the price of those products. The decision to replace or refund will be made in the conversation with the customer. The goal is to achieve a resolution acceptable for both parties.

B. Hidden damage but I have already signed off a way-bill which I did not indicate a damage?

Concealed damage must be repoerted to within 2 business days. may ask for pictures of the damaged product or send an inspector to examine the damaged product.

If products have been damaged in shipping, or are missing, will replace the damaged products or refund the price of the damaged products. The decision to replace or refund will be made in the conversation with the customer. The goal is to achieve a resolution acceptable for both parties.

Fifyh's mosaics come in standard 12" x 12" sheets, individually labeled with an easy to follow corresponding installation guide, for a simple installation.

Installation Notes

  • This is intended only as a quick reference to the basics of tile installation.

  • Tape is adhered to the front face of the mosaic sheets. Do not install this side into the setting material. 

  • Carefully read all instructions before starting installation.

  • Please read and follow all specific installation products guidelines and specifications.

  • Installation should be performed in air temperatures between 41oF minimum and 86oF maximum.

  • Remember the space between sheets should equal the space between tiles.

Installation Preparation & Substrate Information

  • Carefully assess the installation surface remembering that different substrates can require different preparation.

  • Installation surface should be a smooth uniform plane. Installation on a highly varied surface will be difficult and may cause undesirable results. Scored drywall of newly-built wall preferred substrate.

  • For newly-built wall applications, the walls drywall is an adequate substrate to receive the mosaic.

  • For existing wall or floor applications where the surface is structurally questionable or has a highly varied plane that will compromise the mosaic installation, add a layer of backer board, such as Durock, to serve as the substrate to receive the mosaic.

  • If possible, dry fit mosaic sheets and inspect before installing.

Mosaic Installation Process

1. Skimming

  • The installation surface must be smooth and clean to ensure proper installation.

  • It may be necessary to lay a thin layer of setting material on the surface to ensure that it is ready for the tile.

  • Allow 12 hours to dry if layer of setting material is needed.

NOTE: A waterproofing/anti-fracture membrane needs to be applied to the uniform surface if the mosaic is to be submerged in water, or if anti-fracture or crack isolation properties are necessary. This typically consists of rolling or spraying a liquid, rubber membrane onto the uniform surface prior to mosaic installation.

2. Guide Lines

  • Measure the space in which the mosaic is being installed to determine the best fit for your tile.

  • Use a straight edge and level to help you align the tile as you work.

  • Construct a grid on the substrate that is equal to nine sheets of the tile.

NOTE: Be sure to account for the spaces between each sheet of tile when measuring.

3. Applying Setting Material

  • Mix setting material.

  • First coat: apply setting material with the smooth edge of a trowel to a section no larger

  • than one section of the grid.

  • Second coat: create even ridges in the setting material by "combing" the material with the notched edge of the trowel.

4. Installing the Tile

  • The sheets of mosaic have a clear tape covering on the front face of the tile. This allows the mosaic design to be seen during installation.

  • Apply the backside of each sheet into the setting material, with the tape side face out. 

  • Using a float tool, tap across the surface to adhere the mosaic securely into the setting material.

NOTE: The space between each sheet of tile should equal the space between each individual tile.

5. Securing Mosaic Sheets

  • It is important to create a secure bond between the tiles and the setting material.

  • Using the float tool tap across the surface to adhere the mosaic securely.

  • This also ensures the final exposed plane of the mosaic is consistent and uniform in height.

6. Adjusting Spacing

  • This can be a time consuming process, but is important to ensure a professional installation.

  • Adjust while material is still wet.

  • Adjust any tiles that are uneven and ensure that all gaps are of equal width and height. Do this by cutting through the clear tape and moving tiles with a small trowel.

7. Grouting

  • Grout can be applied to a clean, dry surface.

  • Before applying grout be sure that the mosaic surface is clean and all clear tape is removed from the tiles.

  • Peel tape in a diagonal motion.

  • Thorough cleaning may involve removing excess setting material from the mosaic's joint with a knife, as well as cleaning off all dust and particles.

  • Mix the grout and spread from the bottom up in a diagonal direction using a small trowel.

  • Squeegee in the opposite direction.

8. Expansion Joints

Expansion joints should be installed at all "changes in plane" of the mosaic and where the mosaic meets an adjoining surface, such as in a corner. Fill these spaces with a silicone caulking sealant in place of grout to create expansion joints at these locations.

9. Cleaning

  • The mosaic should be ready to be cleaned about 30-60 minutes after grouting.

  • Use a sponge and clean water and scrub in a circular motion, removing excess grout and smoothing all joints. Continue to wipe down the tiles until clean.

NOTE: Cleaning methods vary based upon the type of grout used in the installation. For example, a urethane grout must be cleaned earlier and more frequently that cementitious grout.

These above installation methods are suggested and based on our own technical experiences. It is for your reference only. No warranty is implied. For best results, please hire a professional tile installer experienced in the application of glass mosaic tiles, porcelain mosaic tiles, or mother of pearl tiles.

Also, you can refer to an official glass tile installation instruction from the CTIOA (Ceramic Tile Institute of America). The following link provides you with CTIOA PORT 2002-4-25*

Fifyh appreciates you for taking some time in reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find answers addressing your questions or concerns, please Contact Us, we will respond your questions within 24 hours during weekdays.

For product info, specs, and photos please go to the specific product page or product order page to find the related links. For example crystal glass tile, stone glass tile, metal glass tile, porcelain pebble tile, ceramic porcelain mosaic.

If you have further product related questions that our customer service representative could not answer, Fifyh notifies our product managers or engineers to answer it instead of the customer service representative. Please send email to, our customer service representative will review your email and forward it to the right person immediately after receiving it. Your email will be answered within 24 hours during weekdays.

Frequently Asked Questions:

May I see the product before I buy? May I obtain a sample?

Yes, You can order a sample on our website. Please contact us via email: if you want to order a sample, we will check whether sample is in stock and reply you details of ordering sample with 24 hours.

If I order less quantity than the minimum requirement, what should I do?

Please Contact Us to see if we can find a solution for you. Please email us at for the product SKU number and quantity you want to buy. Usually, a justified shipping cost to compensate for the less-than-adequate economic scale will allow us to make an exception for you. However, it is solely Fifyh's discretion and decision which will be made on a case by case basis.

I cannot find the color and style I want for my project in my local building materials stores and not find them in, either, can Fifyh custom make it for me?

We offer custom make service based on your specifications or samples with some minimum quantity requirements. The procedure is to email us at, we will review your requirements and engage with you on clarification of your requirements. Our turnaround time varies depending on the specific products and the technical complexity, in general, it is very fast. For example, glass mosaics, for the similar product of our standard products, with change in colors, surfaces, and finish texture, it usually takes 1-2 weeks to make a sample for you to sign off. After we can make the sample, we can finish production within 1-2 weeks. This is the extra service especially welcomed by architects and designers.

Do you offer any discounts to distributors or resellers?

Fifyh offers the best prices on the website. Transparency in our pricing is one of the key operation factors making the lowest prices possible without any compromising in quality. Anyone meeting the minimum quantity requirement will have the same price.

Please contact us via if you still want to discuss with us on this topic.

Do I need to a sealer on the glass tile or grout?

Glass mosaics themselves do not absorb any water, thus will not absorb any dirt, germ, and spilled beverages. Thus there is no need for a sealer for the glass tiles.

However, grout is very porous and is prone to staining if not sealed. It is not required but it is highly recommended to use a sealer to make the maintenance and cleaning with ease because sealer helps to prevent stains and dirt from penetrating into the grout. A sealer also helps to prevent mold and mildew growth. Sealer should be used after the grout is cured, approximately 2-3 days after grouting.

Will glass tiles are safe on backsplash behind the Viking generates a lot of heat?

Yes, glass tiles are safe to install on backsplashes behind stoves. Stoves are designed for installation in kitchens with just drywall behind them so they won’t generate enough heat to damage the wall, with or without glass tile.

Why mother of pearl tiles qualify for green product?

Mother of pearl tile, it is called shell tile, seashell tile, shell mosaic tile. Mother of pearl tiles are 100% natural products that coming from the natural shell, no industrial waste or energy were used in manufacturing the beautiful shell mosaic tile, thus qualifying as green products.

The American leading designers & architects have been using mother of pearl tile as wall and floor tile & covering.

Mother of pearl tiles is becoming popular as wall tiles, kitchen backsplash tiles, shower tiles, bathroom and more…

Only the best quality mother of pearl tile will be selected as our products, both 2 mm and 8mm are suited to your remodeling project.

Whether or not mother of pearl tiles applies to your kitchen & bathroom project?

Absolutely! Mother of Pearl Tiles are completely impervious materials. And mother of pearl tiles are 100% made of natural shell materials, turning used-to-be waste into beautiful décor products, is great product for your kitchen & bathroom wall and flooring projects.

If you visit the most popular professional home improvement and design website:, you can see thousands of mother of pearl tile projects that used mother of pearl tiles for kitchen and bathroom wall and flooring projects by leading American designers and architects.

What is the difference between 2mm & 8mm thickness mother of pearl tile? Will 2mm thick shell tile have any installation issue that will not align with other surface covering materials such as glass tile, porcelain tile, stainless steel tile or copper tile?

In fact, the chip (surface) of 2mm and 8mm thickness mother of pearl tiles are same. The only difference is that 8mm thickness is with a porcelain/magnesium base to make the mother of pearl tile is more convenient to align with other porcelain or glass tile with the same 8mm (3/8") thickness, thus making the installation easier.

However, the 2mm has much better cost-effective solution because after the pearl tile is installed, the appearance and effect will be the same between 2mm and 8mm. For the shell tile, the beauty is the natural shell iridescence of the surface of the shell, different than glass tile, which the beauty of glass tile partially created by the light reflection inside and through the glass, the thicker glass is, the better reflection and feel it is; that is why 8mm thickness glass mosaic tile is the mainstream in today's market place.

Although the installation of 2mm thick shell tile will be tougher than that of 8mm thickness pearl tile, your tile contractor/installer with experience can easily level the area where the pearl tiles will be installed to other thickness tile, whatever it is glass tile or porcelain tile or even stainless steel tile or copper tile or any other wall covering materials.

Is there any color difference between the full order tiles and the previous ordered sample/photos on the website? Can you get a fully refund if you don't like the color of the tiles?

As mentioned above, mother of pearl tiles is 100% natural products that made/polished by hands. So not to mention the color difference from the products you received and the photo on the website/sample, actually no 2 chips of the pearl tile in the whole world will match each other. Even the photos on the same page of our website, you can see for the exactly description between different product items. This is naturally color variation that comes by the nature of the products.

Therefore, we are sorry that the statement "the tile I received does not match the internet description/picture or sample" does not have the ground for the return.

However, just for courtesy and we value our customer as we bring it to our personal attention no matter how small the order is, we are offering a conditional return option: if we have other customer who wants to buy this SKU in your country, we will let you know and if you mail these products to our appointed new customer address, we will issue you the refund. You will need to pay for the return shipping and 25% restocking fee as we will use these restocking fee for the coordination and discount to attract our new customer accepting tile from a return, since we have to be honest with them that this is return products but in resalable/brand new condition. This is the best we can do.

What type of grout should you choose? Sand-free or fine-sand?

Please use unsanded (sand-free) grout. Unsanded grout is for smaller grout joints and it will not scratch the polished pearl surface. In order to enhance the luster and shine in your mother of pearl tile installation, make sure that the grout haze is removed from the mother of pearl right after you finish grouting.

What grout color should you choose?

Choosing the right grout is important for your project. Just like picking out tile, there are many different types of grout to choose from. Choosing a specific grout color could change the overall color appearance of the mosaics and the way that your entire project looks! Usually, there are three approaches to selecting grout colors that are used: blending, contrasting, and accenting.

Blending is the most common approach and what we recommend for most projects. This involves choosing the grout color that matches with the color in your tile. For example, you can blend by using white grout with our mother of pearl tile which is Natural White, majority chips are white, with small percentage of natural yellow and minimum natural grey; overall is white.

Similarly, if you are looking to blend grout with our Natural White + Natural Yellow + Natural Grey Randomly Mixed, reflecting the very natural color in original shell mother of pearl tiles, we recommend picking up on the beige and white undertones in the tile, so using a beige or white grout would blend perfectly.

What do I cut the mother of peal tiles with?

Sometimes, mother of pearl tile is used with other tiles for wall and floor covering in different size. Perhaps it needs to cut the mother of pearl tiles into small pieces.

Most of our mother of pearl tiles are mesh mounted on high quality fiber glass; however, it is easy for you to cut them into pieces with a knife which is used for cutting paper as bellow, and it will not damage the tiles with rough edges.

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