A new way to design your home, using some of the brown glass tile as backsplash, bathroom, fireplace, featured walls, floors, commercial spaces, and more to get inspired for your next project. If you are looking for something to add a personal touch to your kitchen or bathroom or any other space in your house, the striped glass bathroom wall tiles will help you achieve what you want! Mesh-mounted glass mosaics can be used as a whole sheet or cut to make affordable feature strips.

Mosaic Tile
Sheet size 300 x 300 mm
Chip size 15 x 48 mm, 15 x 98 mm, 15 x 148 mm
Thickness 4 mm
Material Glass
Tile Color Blue, White
Tile Shape Strip
Finish Glossy, easy for cleaning
Tile Type Backsplash Tile, Wall Tile

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Blue and White Bathroom Backsplash Tile Striped Crystal Glass Kitchen Wall Tiles

Item# G10BW04S
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