Fifyh.com has been serving North America customers for 8 years! Consistently we have provided the community with the best quality remodeling supplies with focus on kitchen and bath building supplies with all kinds of mosaic tiles, we have served thousands of customers across North America and with customers from Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany and other European countries.

At fifyh.com, we put the quality and customer service as the top priority. When everyone says the same thing, the always best cost-effectiveness - the best value we provided to customers is the truth that distinguishes us from others.

What the customers say about us in general?

Allen W., eBayer, Redwood City, CA

For a project in CA, we were building 110 houses and needed customized colors and styles of glass mosaics for all of the bathrooms for the project. Our designer searched the internet and found fifyh.com. Fifyh listened to our needs and air shipped us a sample within 7 business days! Our designer and I really loved the samples! We were amazed at the speed they have! We then placed an order for a container of glass mosaics based on the sample, it only took 5 weeks from production to delivery. With this exceptional service, we expected to pay more for the tiles, but we ended up saving more than 35 percent from our budget! This is totally unbelievable! Now, we are a repeat customer of Fifyh.

Oan M., Architect, AIA, Chicago

We purchased mosaic tiles from fifyh.com and that was great. However, during the installation process, we found that we did not order enough materials. I called the customer service team and they had the factory directly air ship the materials to us. It only took 5 days to deliver. I have not seen anyone else that has that kind of speed and customer service. We will definitely do business with fifyh and its affiliates again.

Dave K., Professional building materials trader, Las Vegas, NV

I selected tile and glass mosaic products from fifyh.com for my new dental office. Unfortunately, there were some tiles that got damaged by DHL during the delivery process. The tiles were well packed in a wooden box, so we could tell it is not a packaging problem but something that happened during the transportation process. We emailed fifyh and they air shipped the new replacements for the broken ones right away. We received our replacements in only 7 business days. I have to say it was exceptional customer service. They put our needs first top and shipped the replacements before solving the damage issue with DHL. Thank you Bravotti for your service and quality. We completed the remodeling project on time and under budget. The end product was magnificent, and we continuously get remarks about appearance of our office now.

Scott S., Project manager with a national home builder, LA

I have a client who loved a glass tile product from fifyh.com. But we only need a few boxes for the kitchen backsplash. I know fifyh actually did not do retail sales at that time, so I called Bravotti to see if they could help. It turns out that fifyh went ahead did it for us. Although it was a very small quantity, fifyh had it delivered within 3 weeks by air. We are extremely happy with their services.